Sunday, December 10, 2006

Weekend At Bernie's

Nice weekend. Went to Tal Bagel's on Friday for brunch which has now become somewhat of a minhag. Is nice to have a routine like that - like the girls did in Sex and the City. Apologies to the voyeurs out there - there are no salacious conversations to report back.

Friday night dinner was just the three of us and finished eating by around 6.30 which is always fun.

After we played the new Trivial Pursuit 80s edition which was fun. The six categories are Headlines which is basically news then sports and wild card. The traditional pink Entertainment category has been split into three - movies, television and music. So if popular culture isn't your strong suit, you could be in trouble.

For some strange reason they have changed the board which was consistent with most if not all of the previous editions.

Shabbas lunch we had a bunch of people over and heard the good news that Benny Sela was caught. Finally somes good news :)


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