Saturday, November 10, 2007


Yakira is 14 months and nearly almost walking. She has a lovely set of 14 teeth and takes every opportunity she can to use them.
Mrs. Dot Co Dot Il has started her own business called Week-1 Gifts. They create baby gift baskets for those who have just given birth and you should check it out.
Especially those outside of Israel who want to get something for someone in Israel who has just had a baby.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Two Thumbs Down

Last night, Mrs Dot Co Dot Il and I watched the Simpsons movie. I can't tell you how disappointing it was. Stale, one-dimensional, flat, uninspiring and dull are just some of the things which come to mind.
Too much of the movie was focused around the idiocy of Homer who when he gets like that, is a terribly unsympathetic character. I don't understand how this movie can do so well from at the box office.

For mind, the environment is a ridiculous notion to base the movie around notwithstanding the fact that it has been done several times before by the show and as early as the second season.
Your thoughts? Anyone actually like it?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Potting Around

Just finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I enjoyed it, especially because it was like the Harry of old. I found Books 5 & 6 to be quite disapointing.
While I was reading it, I didn't dare tell anyone I was for fear of them spoiling it but all is good now.
Feels kind of sad that there will be no more books. What JK did was nothing short of phenomenal and you can only generate that much hype and excitement about a book coming out if the book is really special.

*Spoiler Alert- so look away if you want to read the book*

The parallels of Voldemort's run world to Nazi Europe were obviously very strong. I was as freaked out reading what was happening as I have been watching other Holocaust related material. For some reason, the way JK wrote it really made it seem real. When Harry said Voldemort's name to trigger the spell and they were captured, I was scared and my heart was beating so fast.
It just wasn't that. It was the purebloods who were dobbing in muggles and half-bloods for money, it was the pure-blooding of the institutions.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Agent Zero

An update on my progress.......

Have emailed a bunch of agents in the States - three of them said thanks but no thanks and nada from the rest.

It's a curious trait agents have be they in music, film, television or literature.
Don't you owe it to yourself to at least hear what everyone has got to say. What's the point of being in that business if you just let the next Beatles or J.K. Rowling go? Not that I'm comparing myself to them but both were famously rejected; The Beatles by Decca and JK by 12 publishers.The ultimate is to buy dirt cheap and sell sky high which is only going to happen when you discover someone from off the streets.

Have an outstanding contact in Australia who is a successful author who can directly approach publishers on my behalf. The way I'm heading that looks like the way I'll be going which isn't a problem at all. The only issue if any, would be that I'm here and they're there.

Yakira is good and starting to develop a personality of her own. Had a metapelet come watch her this week for the first time. She went from crying when I left on the first day to crying when the metapelet left on the second day! So that's a good start.

She is crawling more proficiently now and her diet expands every day.

After four months we find out about Mrs Dot Co Dot Il's ankle on Monday.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Time Out

So looks like for the most part this blog has run its course. Don't want to be one of those blogs that stops/starts but it looks as though it is what is has become.

And I may have other fish to fry. Last year had an idea for a novel. 15 months and 120,000 words later it's done. Now begins the task of making it happen.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Their Shout

The news that sponsors have pulled out of Lindsay Lohan's party is puzzling.

Why does a person who can more than afford it need sponsors?

And if the type of people are the party are the ones who don't pay for anything what will sponsorship achieve? Surely you are better off sponsoring people who will actually pay for something.

When they live in such a surreal world, no wonder their lives are like they are.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Had some pigeons nest in our mirpeset-type area. Got rid of the birds and closed it up with chicken wire only for a bird to be left under the air-conditioning unit and trapped. It was squirming and trying to get out while its friends on the outside where holding a vigil.
Today the guy is coming back to grant it freedom.

This afternoon have a wedding. It's not in Jerusalem which isn't easy but thankfully they've hired a bus for us.

As for cricket; two catches, two wickets and five runs. Had them on the ropes until this guy exploded and that was that. We're still improving though.