Thursday, June 22, 2006

Three Card Trick

Their office is the pedestrian mall off Tachana Mercazit in Tel Aviv. Their equipment is a tatty cardboard box, three cups and a ball. Their objective is to scam people who don't know any better of their money.

Every day after work I walk to the bus station and there they are playing Find The Ball which is a simple variation on the Shell Game or Find the Lady or Three Card Monte. In the midst of sex shops and poker machines, no one seems to be bothered at all by the presence of these guys. It is the same four every day. One who moves around the cups and three who pretend to play but are in on it. Infact everyone in the world is in on it but for the saps they get to play.

The only concession I would give these guys in that they are absolutely brazen and have no shame in what they are doing. They have descended so far into the mire that they have no problem looking the person they are about to swindle in the eye and acting as if they are their best friend.

Ultimately are they any different to a lot of other people in respectable occupations who wear suits and ties to work and have offices in the big end of town??


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