Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Report Time Part II

At the halfway stage of the tournament. 32 matches gone, 31 to go. Interesting tournament shaping up.

Seven teams have already been eliminated despite having one match to play. They are: Poland, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Ivory Coast, Serbia & Montenegro, Iran and Togo.

Teams which have some mathematical sliver of hope but are most likely gone: Trinidad & Tobago, Angola, USA, Japan and Tunisia.

Here are the new grades after the last set of matches.

Thumbs Up

Steven Gerrard - Goals in the Champions League Final last year, in the FA Cup final this year and against T&T. He is in red hot form and is vital to England's hopes of advancing deep into the tournament.

Ghana - Only African team to have won a match thus far.

South Korea - Only Asian team to do anything and with a real chance of making it through to the knockout phase.

Spain - Looks like the Spanish Armada isn't going to wilt so easily this time.

Portugal - First time in 40 years they are past the group stage.

Argentina - In red hot form and easily the best team going round.

Ecuador - Showing there are some other teams in South America.

Thumbs Down
Poland - Another woeful performance.

Referees - The gulf between the big and the little countries isn't reduced when the whistleblowers blow everything in favor of the big boys.

France - Not the team they once were.

Brazil - While everyone may love the legend and legacy of Pele, Socrates, Garrincha, Jairzinho, Oscar and Careca - this bunch of show ponies and prima donnas aren't fit to even call themselves the same team. The great sides of 1970 and 1982 would make mince meat of these pretty boys who have been ordinary to date. You can take it from me - they will not win the tournament.

Usual Suspects - Apart from the hopes of South Korea, Australia and Ghana every team who makes it through to the Round of 16 is from South America, Europe plus Mexico. With only seven winners in its history, the World Cup has always been the domain of the big boys and looks like staying that way for some time.


Blogger kasamba said...

Okay, I know that this comment has NOTHING to do with your post, but as I am trying to pretend that soccer does not exist, I'm writing this anyway.
I actually thought Mrs Co.il would geta kick out of this.
This was a real recorded 911 call:

Dispatcher: 9-1-1 What's the nature of your emergency?
Caller: My wife is pregnant and her contractions are only two
minutes apart
Dispatcher: Is this her first child?
Caller: No, you idiot! This is her husband!

10:34 AM  
Blogger Dot Co Dot Il said...

Very funny :)

How is Mr Kasamba holding up?

10:38 AM  
Blogger Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Kasamba: Now that was funny!

DCDI: World Cup. B O R I N G.

2:16 PM  
Blogger kasamba said...

Actually Mr. Kasamba has the GALL to be in the US on business.
He is staying at MY parents house and sleeping in MY bed.
I am not handling this very well.

Hey Jameel, thanks!

4:03 PM  
Blogger exsemgirl said...

Well said.

12:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great call on Gerrard!

Thought of your post as soon as he scored.

8:37 AM  

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