Tuesday, June 13, 2006


The train accident which happened yesterday was horrible but when I read this I was horrified, sickened, frustrated and appalled.

When tragedy and loss are so commonplace here you would think people would be more careful. The opposite takes place with everyone acting like they are on the set of Mad Max.

What happened yesterday was inexcusable, horrible and a sad indictment on this country. Five people died and countless injuries not to mention the millions of shekels of damage these halfwits caused. Lives ruined because two clowns were allowed to do as they pleased.

In response to the incident, the CEO of Israel Railways said “the solution for sites like those at yesterday's collision is the construction of bridges that will completely separate train and vehicle traffic.”

A billion shekels will be spent building these bridges – why can’t people simply act like human beings to each other?

This Me-First attitude is what turns a lot of Jews off Israel - can you blame them?


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