Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Right Back Where We Started From

Feels a bit surreal but back here.

Was worried if we would make it given the torrential rain in the North-Eastern USA but it was all ok in the end.

Were meant to leave Newark at 11.30 Monday morning but didn't board till about 12.30. Then spent about 45 minutes waiting on the runway. Does time ever tick slower than when you are waiting on the runway doing nothing?

Hour later touched down in Toronto and then had three hour wait till our flight to Tel Aviv. Was worried about this long flight but karma must have played a part because this flight was 1000 times better.

We were able to sit in the middle row of three with Yakira between us in her own seat. She slept 95% of the flight.

Each seat had its own inflight entertainment.

Watched four movies before nodding off.
1. Flushed Away - Cute.
2. For Your Consideration - Ok.
3. The Holiday - Tolerable chick flick.
4. Some movie with Philip Seymour Hoffman where he plays a banker who steals from the bank to fund his gambling problem.

Flight was 97% filled with frum young married Canucks and their brood of screaming, hollering kids. Had no idea there were that many Jewish folk in Canada.

Mrs Dot Co Dot Il badly injured her foot so she had the use of a wheelchair in and out of all three airports we were in. Made the impossible, possible and thanks to all the kind airport staff who pushed in back and forth.


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