Sunday, April 01, 2007

11th Hour

Just over 24 hours to go before Pesach and we are in full swing of things. Kitchen has been switched over and the marathon of preparations is gathering steam.

Still coming to terms with jet lag. Part of the problem is that our ability to acclimatise is correlated to Yakira's ability to do so. Thus far she hasn't slept through the night and but we are getting close.

Got to the airport on Thursday morning and it was predictably hectic. It looked like a freaks convention or just about your normal day at the DMV. Next to as was a flight heading towards Antalya and if it is not too late, have to warn all those in Southern Turkey that there was a bunch of weirdos heading your way.

Our flight to Toronto was packed and part of the reason was that it was a small plane. We were in Row 38 and this was the second last row in the plane. Just 39 rows and a configuration of 2-3-2.

It was packed with Israelis and this rendered it somewhat of a circus. At all times of the flight around two-thirds of the passengers were standing up and milling in the aisles. Also everyone seemed to know everyone.

The in-flight entertainment was appalling. No personal screens for each passenger; rather just the ones which dangled in the aisle. The movies were nothing special and the highlight of the three was Diamonds Are Forever. Is a sorry state of affairs when a 35 year old movie is your best bet.

Eventually got off in Toronto and what should have been a quick hop, skip and a jump to Newark became the waiting game as the plane which was ours still hadn't arrived.
While waiting around was sitting next to a family of three who were chatting to this elderly couple. The family of three had a kid who was about 11. The funny thing was listening him blurt out stuff family-only information and the dad had to act all cool even though you could see him seething. Inevitably the kid would say something about the dad and everyone including the dad would laugh at his expense. Hope the kid didn't suffer for his innocence after.

The 8.25pm departure time ended up being 9.30pm. Eventually we departed and then landed on US soil. So now here.

The trees which shone with their golden leaves six months ago are now sadly barren and bare. Weather is a bit schizophrenic - warm sometimes, wet and cold at others.

A good Pesach to you and all of your families.


Blogger tafka PP said...

Aw- you're making me Airport-sick!! Hope the jetlag clears up- mine is still killing me.

Happy Matzos to you all.

9:43 PM  
Anonymous Savta said...

I am pleased you arrived safely. Chag sameach.

11:52 PM  
Blogger BagelUndertheCouch said...

"or just your typical day at the DMV"

LOL, i hear it, i hear it. chag sameach, hope you get to stock up on wal-mart crap while you're here.

6:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

is this blog some kind of joke?

do you really attempt to be as boring as possible in a sort of parody of blogs or are you just an amazingly boring person?

the only reason i read is to see how incredibly uninteresting the stuff u write is! its like some sort of cult craze!

do you realise you are, in fact, a joke????

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i mean how could anyone ever have been interested in the different flavors of ice cream sold in a supermarket or how many seats were on the plane u flew?

these are not facts worth reading. they are inane.

u must be doing this on purpose. it must be some kind of silly joke which has gone on for far too long, or have i read it all wrong???

11:59 AM  

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