Thursday, April 05, 2007

One Day Wonders

Pesach was good and was a treat just being able to keep one day.

Was asked if it felt strange to be sitting in the room next to people keeping Yom Tov while I was filling in a Sudoku.

Bottom line was no. Didn't even think about it. After all, Yom Tov isn't like Shabbat which is set in stone.

And just like one person can be eating ice-cream three hours after eating beef and another person can't. So too, can be Yom Tov for some and not for others.

Speaking of which, interesting to read that some Rabbis have now done away with Kitniyot for those Ashkenazim who live in Israel.

Minhagim are very powerful given the esteem some people hold them in. My Rabbi loved to say that the 10 Commandments should have been called the 10 Minhagim - that way they would have more likely be kept.


One of the major differences between being in the States and Israel is TV. Here you don't have to worry about streaming or downloading things because you have the ability to see them when everyone else does.

Watched American Idol and the Sanjaya phenomena keeps on gathering steam. It's as if he isn't even in the competition anymore. Rather he is in his own world and it doesn't matter what he sings, wears or looks like because people are going to vote for him.

The judges may feel their hands are tied but they are the ones who put him in the competition in the first place.

Also saw the season finale of Prison Break. The show seems to have headed down the Lost, X Files and Alias path. Instead of tying up loose ends and providing some closure, the finale provided a plot which was an absolute mishmash.

To keep the show going for a third season they have established a storyline which is non-sensical.

Looks like it could have turned itself into the small screen equivalent of the Matrix


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