Thursday, March 08, 2007

Best and the Brighest

Good to know that the people of Chelm are alive and well in the echelons of the Israeli civil service.

Went to the famed Misrad Hapnim (Interior Ministry) to register for a Israeli passport.

There was a slight problem with my passport photos as I had had a haircut since the photos were taken.

Interior Ministry Lady: You'll have to take new photos.
Dot Co Dot Il: Why?
IML: Because it doesn't look like you?
DCDI: Because I had a haircut?
IML nods

DCDI: But what about when my hair grows back? Then I won't look like how I do in the new photos.

IML shrugs shoulders and then calls over another crotchety old lady.

(Either they they breed them or clone them there or you have to be one to get the job. Nobody under 50 whose face isn't one long furried brow.)

Other Interior Ministry Lady: He'll have to get new photos.
IML: You have to get new photos.

DCDI trudges downstairs and outside to get new photos.


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I so miss Misrad Hapnim.....

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