Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Face Space

Last year I wrote about the Tipping Point and Crocs.

Maybe I'm way late, like a year or two late, on calling this one but I only connected the dots last week.

Social networking sites such as MySpace and FaceBook have clearly tipped. When you start getting friend invitations from people you didn't even know, knew how to turn on a computer let alone have a MySpace page then you know things are out of control.

We had seminary girls over for Shabbat and I joked to them that Yakira had her own page and even had 200 friends. They were actually disappointed when I explained to them I was joking.

Truth of the matter is that I have known about MySpace since around 2003, around the time when it started which is why I probably have never given it much thought.

But for some reason they have taken over the world. Obviously it helped a great deal when News Corp bought My Space because the American Idol contestants having pages and the like gave it a great deal of publicity.

Having a page though, can prove problematic when a person has one and then becomes famous such as an athlete. Similarly there were reports of prospective employers checking out the MySpace pages of interviewees to see what they are really like.

But when you hear that everyone around has a page is when you feel the power of the Tipping Point and just like seeing that everyone has a pair of Crocs induces you to buy one or starting your own blog, so too is the pressure to have a page as well.

Another reason is that having a page is the only way you can view their photos and while I couldn't care less about having my own page, seeing someone else make a fool of themself - well that's a completely different story.

Where do I sign up?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"We had seminary girls over for Shabbat ..... they were actually disappointed when I explained to them I was joking". Why am I not suprised ....

6:39 PM  
Blogger Wisey said...

Hmmm, your point in action
Read the motto.
I've also started Facebooking it. More to see how it works more than anything else.

12:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! Please grab anti-Olmert's Purim buttons from

The buttons are free and could be hotlinked. Let's make some fun of Olmert!

12:07 AM  

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