Sunday, December 31, 2006

Fever Pitch

Wasn't so much a crazy Shabbat as a crazy lead-in into Shabbat.

That twilight hour before Shabbat is always hectic - maybe this has to do with what went down on the first ever twilight before Shabbat .

Mrs DCDI hadn't been feeling so flash the whole week and had a cocktail of ailments including bronchitis and fever with a temperature of 104. Some of this had been transmitted to Yakira who began not feeling so well or being her playful self.

Come Friday, she didn't want to feed anymore which is a real problem as it can lead to dehydration and a bunch of other not-so-good things.

At 4pm we decided to take her to the Wolfson Medical Center of which with most of Jerusalem we are loyal customers. Want to catch up on all the gossip? Then sit in the waiting room there.

There was one doctor still there and we got there like the wind. Only problem was that the cab couldn't drive in so we had to get dropped off at the top and walk down through the spiral driveway.

The Doctor looked her over and prescibed us Kiddie-Nurofen. Off we went to Derech Hebron and the only pharmacy open on Shabbat. Apparently they rotate as to which one stays open over Shabbat for emergency situations such as this.

Go inside and there are two people ahead of me. Unfortunately the pharmacist is working at whatever the oppositie of the speed of light is. The speed of dark maybe?

His movements were exaggerated in a slow way that was infuriating. He would pick up a plastic bag, put it down, lick his fingers, pick up the bag again and open it, put the item inside and all this took about two minutes which in the scheme of things is an enternity.

Ask for the Nurofen, then wait and wait and wait and wait.

Finally get it and get home around 5.

Over Shabbat, Yakira fed better and we alternated between giving her the Nurofen and Acamole. She seems to be somewhat on the mend - we will see.

For all of you out there who are going to go crazy tonight, hope you feel ok in the morning. For all of those of you hoping to leave the party with a different person who you arrived with, hope it happens. Best though to have absolutely zero expectations about tonight - New Year's Eve is the most overhyped occasion of the year and in many instances the most over-rated. Staying home, playing Boggle and drinking hot chocolate could be more rewarding and enjoyable.

In any event, here's looking forward to a great 2007!


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