Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Being Irreplaceable

A guy at my work quit last Thursday. Got to work on Sunday and already sitting at his desk was some new guy. It was if he had never even existed.

This of course is a very scary concept to us because of our egos. We want to think that our presence matters and that we will be missed and grieved over but this hardly ever happens. Life goes on and we are left to write our own eulogies.

That’s the way life works. Just as we replaced someone, someone will replace us. This can be tricky in a work situation, be messy in a political one, but is the trickiest in a romantic one.

"I wonder if he/she as miserable as I am?” we ask ourselves. After all, misery does love company. "How can he/she be having fun when I am a wreck?"

And there is nothing more upsetting than finding out that she/he is seeing other people. A tell-tale sign that they have moved on while we are still dangling in the same place.

We would love to believe that the person/organization we have left behind has been rendered to a state of utter chaos due to our depature and they are going to come groveling to us begging for our return. But 999 times out of 1000 this isn’t the case.

Give them a week and they won’t even remember our name.


Anonymous Ben said...

Interesting post. Remember when I broke up with my girlfriend. I felt terrible about doing it but then found out a week later she was already seeing someone else. It really messed with my head.

4:00 PM  
Anonymous QueenofKatamon said...

If you have a few people who make enough impact on your life that you remember them years down the line, then you are truly blessed. If people feel that of you, then you are truly special.
It's hard to remember that love is a renewable resource in times of a break-up. We didn't use up our capacity on the last one, in fact, I like to think when you find the real thing, it'll be more than replacing another, it'll be an entire different dimension.

9:47 PM  
Blogger kasamba said...

And you are?....

4:47 AM  

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