Sunday, July 30, 2006

Magic Carpet Ride

Had a nice weekend. Played my first game of cricket in three months and we had a good win. Will probably be the last game for some time as well...

Then had some people over for lunch including three bloggers. Being Katamon, people brought along other people and made for an interesting meal. Although we had no idea how interesting it was to become. …

For most of the meal, Scott was just another American visiting Israel for the summer. He lives in Los Angeles and writes for What I Like About You - which was pretty cool in itself.

He was sitting at the other end of the table to me so I didn’t get to speak much to him but what the little I did found out that he went to Harvard and was a pretty nice guy.

After the meal ended and we were all sitting around, I asked him if he had an IMDB page.

Not like having an IMDB page is a big deal. Almost anyone can have one.

He said he did and then somehow it slipped that he was Aladdin. That’s right the voice of Aladdin in Aladdin!!!!!

As you can imagine, all hell broke loose. Everyone who was there was excited except for Scott who was at pains to be modest and downplay things. Despite this, he hadn’t lost his sense of humor.

DCDI: I don’t recognize you.
Scott: That’s because I’m not wearing my little hat.
Everyone: Laughter.

DCDI: You’re the most famous person I’ve ever met.
Scott: I feel sorry for you then.
Everyone: More Laughter!

Funny how one’s perspective on someone can change so quickly. Now this guy had been turned into someone and someone pretty impressive at that. We bombarded him with questions for a few minutes and then he left but there was still one surprise to come about 60 seconds later.

Mrs Co.Il: Holy &^*@#$. He's DJ’s boyfriend from Full House!

Indeed he was. Not only Aladdin but Steve Hale.

Shabbas in Jerusalem - It really is a whole new world.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aladdin is one of my favorite movies. Think I would have reacted similarly. He sounds like a great guy.

2:21 PM  
Blogger ~ Sarah ~ said...

cricket? oh right... it's summer over there.
it's still footy season here. (and joy, essendon finally won a game this round!)

sounds like you had a fun weekend :)

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Ellen said...

I had the biggest crush on him!

3:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shame it was shabbat as you couldn't get his autograph or take a photo with him.

3:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shame it wasnt Uncle Jesse.

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shame it wasn't Becky

5:18 PM  
Blogger anonym00kie said...

im so coming to you for a meal.. can we have brad and angelina?
oooh and jennifer too? lets go all out!

5:25 PM  
Anonymous Greg said...

Aladdin was a great date movie. Who would have thought that a cartoon could get girls so mushy and ga-ga?

5:59 PM  
Blogger Wisey said...

David, you just made my day.

Is it a good or a bad thing that this your best blog ever?

1:57 AM  
Blogger FrumGirl said...

Aw I remember him from Full House and as the voice of Aladdin... it was one of my fave Disney movies!

6:20 AM  
Blogger Jerusalemcop said...

is that really your imdb page? or is it just someone else with the same name?

Great story. Wish I woulda been there too.


10:52 AM  
Blogger tafka PP said...

I got really excited for a moment as I thought that maybe Brad Kane (who did Aladdin's vocals) was in Jerusalem - but nevertheless the voice itself is mighty impressive!

And, FYI, you don't live in Katamon.

12:53 PM  
Blogger Dot Co Dot Il said...

Anon - He is

Sarah - Well done on the win. Hope we beat you this weeken though.

Ellen - Who? Aladdin or Steve?

Anon I - I know.
Anon II - Maybe for you ;)

Anon III - Lol!

Anonym00kie - You can come over any time you want 

Greg - Now, now. This is a family blog.

Wisey - Good thing (I answered like the girl who was with Little Miss Springfield)

Frumgirl - It is indeed one of the best.

JC - Sure is.

PP - Why does the thought of Brad Kane really excite you?

1:54 PM  
Blogger Wisey said...

Tee Hee...little Miss Springfield.
Good call.

10:41 AM  
Blogger Dot Co Dot Il said...

Krusty: Amber, do you think the Bill of Rights is a good thing, or a baaaaad thing?
Amber: Um.... [thinking `hard']
Krusty: Take your time, dear.
Amber: Good thing. [flutters her eyelashes]
Judges: Awwwwww...
Lisa: It's all in the delivery.

11:03 AM  
Blogger A Frum Idealist said...

Aladdin was great, hysterically funny, but as far as an overall movie is concerned, I'll still take the Lion King, any day.

4:30 PM  

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