Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Picture This

Not sure what to think of the photos involving young Shiloh Nouvel. If the Pitts are going to be harassed by paparazzi trying to take photos of the young ‘un who can blame them for trying to capitalize by selling the official rights?

Do they have to be so narky and get the pictures removed from other websites? Probably not.

Can you feel sympathy for celebrities who co-operate with the press when it suits them and try to evade them when it doesn't? If they are going to be paid the megabucks then they have to accept what comes with the territory.

Maybe you and I don’t want to but people want to see these happy snaps. Don’t be surprised if People (USA), Hello! (Europe) and New Idea (Australia) have record sales this week with SNJP on the cover.

Forget about them not being Jewish – the JPs should have posted the pics up on Only Simchas. The site would have melted down while exclamation points on keyboards around the world would have been pressed into oblivion.


Blogger Chaim said...

this whole thing is an embarrassment for our entire race as humans. That anyone would pay 5 million dollars for a photo of a baby is a sad marking of where our society is.

As if after the People magazine issue comes out those pics won't be scattered and embedded throughout the Internet.

7:58 PM  
Blogger RR said...

It is pathetic that these pictures are worth so much money. Sad commentary on the world today.

I did read, however, that the couple is going to donate the proceeds to charity. If I remember correctly, I think the money will go to pediatric wards in African hospitals.

4:37 PM  

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