Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Reality Bites

Sport is cruel and there is nothing crueler than the World Cup. For every 197 countries who enter, 165 are going to miss the finals. 16 of those won’t get past the group stage and ultimately only one captain will be holding the trophy aloft high above his head. And you can rest assured that every one of those 196 other teams will have a sob story of their own why it’s not them.

Italy did what Italy do best and that is win. Nothing else matters other than the final score and that says 1-0. Don't believe me? Check it out then on Wikipedia.

If there is anything certain about the World Cup it is that everything that goes around comes around. Italy were knocked out by three penalty shootouts and a golden goal in the last four World Cups so they are all too familiar with the cruel fickle finger of fate that is the World Cup. Even now they haven’t won it and may end up feeling as gutted as we are if not more, if they watch someone else raise the trophy.

It would have been good for the magic to continue. Take on Ukraine for the place in the final four. Been in touching distance of something that was pure and simply unimaginable. But when we sit back and think about what we have done, the truth will be that we have overachieved a hell of lot.

Then there is the question about why any of this should affect me any way. A soldier has just been kidnapped and I am worried about a football game? People die in horrible circumstances every day and I would get upset about something as trivial as this?

Please G-d, I am about to be a father which outranks winning a football match on a score of about 789 trillion to three. I have a beautiful wife and a country where unemployment is such a factor, I have a job.

Plus there is the factor of what did I exactly gain if we won? Other than a fuzzy feeling inside not a hell of a lot. Speak to Manchester United fans - winning is over-rated....

The fact of life is that if you want to try to achieve anything you have to be prepared that loss and disappointment is a potential outcome. The higher you rise so too the expectations and the possible letdown. The two teams who lose the semi-finals will be 1000000 times more gutted than we are now.

So while I am upset that we don’t get to continue our Magical Mystery Tour I am proud of the lads and of what we have accomplished.

Normal programming will now be resumed..............


Blogger Sweatshop Worker said...

What a great posting...

10:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is wikipedia?

1:12 PM  
Blogger exsemgirl said...

Good point.
But sometimes you need something to lighten up the true difficulties of real life.

1:33 PM  
Blogger Dot Co Dot Il said...

SW - Well you should be getting yourself ready for when England down out ;)

Anonymous - An online encyclopaedia.

Exsemgirl - True. Having just read your most recent post, would agree 100%

2:15 PM  

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