Sunday, May 28, 2006

Meet The Parents

Has been scorching hot over the weekend. Any doubts that summer is now well and truly here were dispelled by the sight of cherries and watermelon at the Shabbat table. If any two fruits signify summer – it would be those two. Had there been mango we would have had the holy trinity.

A line that loves to be thrown around at weddings is “I haven’t lost a daughter/son, I’ve gained a son/daughter.”

Well what about the other side of the coin? “I haven’t lost my parents, I’ve gained inlaws.”

Whether its Endorra from Bewitched, Laban from Genesis or the mother from Everyone Loves Raymond, Inlaws are notorious for providing not the easiest of situations.

Thankfully I don’t have any of that with mine. We all get on just fine.

They are staying with us and leaving on Tuesday. Been good for them to see Mrs in her pregnant state as this is their one and only chance to do so – this time around. With their first grandchild on the way they are very excited. The culmination of their trip comes this afternoon when they go to the doctor who among other things will perform a scan.

Last night we got out of the house and went to town which was buzzing and then sat down at Café Rimon for something to nosh on. Having been around since 1953, the old pomegranate is something of an institution but something always happens when we go there. Not quite the horror stories of times previously but still.

When we received our orders last night every person said “This isn’t what I was expecting.” I ordered a smoke salmon and cream cheese toasted bagel which came with fries. I was envisaging a toasted bagel on which the cheese and salmon which be shmeared on. No. It came as a toasted bagel sandwich i.e. the stuff was put on the bagel which was then toasted. Who would want cooked smoked salmon? Additionally the fries came stone cold.

To their credit, they still keep packing them in.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm suprised you ate there, after the whole " Arab cooks poisoning the food " fiasco ....

9:50 AM  
Blogger Dot Co Dot Il said...

Don't know about the fiasco - please fill me in

12:12 PM  

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