Monday, October 23, 2006

Table for 24

Last night had a farewell dinner for friends of ours who are leaving Israel. The plan was to gather at a restaurant in town at 8.30. I came with the guests of honor at 8.30 but of course everyone else started arriving in dribs and drabs around 9.30.

We finally sat down and 45 minutes later were still waiting to be served. Then we had enough and got up to leave. So now we were all standing outside the restaurant in the cold like a bunch of high school kids on a Saturday night. Not sure how or why but someone started talking to someone from the restaurant and would we consider to come back inside if we accepted their token offer of free chasers?

So back we all went inside. At this stage it was well past 10 and I was starving. They were only starting to take our order now and I estimated that the food wouldn’t arrive for at least another 45 minutes. So I got up and went to Burgers Bar. I ordered, ate my burger and still got back before the food had arrived.

The food eventually came. You know that saying worth the wait? Definitely not applicable here.

And just like high school kids, by the time the bill came most of the people had already left and all the bits and pieces of money came 100 NIS short so those still there had to foot the bill.

Those evenings when every single person went out together were never much fun because its simply unmanageable to be able to do anything with so many people at once. Just too cumbersome.

I remember on my year in Israel when the plan was to cycle around the Kinneret during Chol HaMoed Pesach. We all get there and after about four hours get our bikes and go on our way. After two minutes in the saddle we are told to stop as there has been a problem. What was the problem? A girl came who couldn’t ride a bike and had tried to ride but surprise, surprise had fallen down. She was going to walk instead…..

But back to last night, there was a sad vibe in the air; there always is when its time to say goodbye. We’re going to miss E & M who we have come to know very well and things won’t be the same without them.


Blogger Sweatshop Worker said...

Thanks for the mention ;-) We are going to miss you all so much as well.
Give the princess kisses from us!

4:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I could'a told you Selina wasnt worth the wait !

7:46 PM  
Anonymous ifyouwillit... said...

Yeridah "parties" always have a strange vibe. A time to say take care and be in touch, yet the closure of a chapter. Frankly, Sunday night was enjoyable, but I won't be rushing back to the restaraunt (it wasn't Selina) any time soon.

10:47 AM  

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