Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Magical Mystery Tour

As I was getting my haircut over the radio was playing Elliott's duet of One from the finale with Mary J Bilge.

Got me thinking about how they are about to embark on their massive summer tour. Looked up the details online and they have a pretty extensive and gruelling schedule ahead of them. 30 states and 48 cities in just under three months.
It would be a great way to see America although they probably have no time for sightseeing.
Wonder if they get their own rooms or have to share?

Funny thing I saw on the Ticketmaster website is that Melissa and Kevin have both been cut out from the promotional photo. Maybe that's because they took the photo after those two were eliminated or maybe they just don't like Kevin.

This tour is an absolute cash cow and should make even more money for the Idol empire. Apart from the tickets themselves you can rest assured there will be a mountain of merchandise sold at the concerts.

Luckily for Elliot there is no show scheduled for August 2 which is when Tisha B'Av begins. There is one on the 3rd in Atlanta which starts at 7pm so he might have to miss the first part of it.

The last two concerts in Bridgeport and Wilkes-Barre will be on Rosh Hashana though


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is elliot jewish?

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