Friday, June 29, 2007

Agent Zero

An update on my progress.......

Have emailed a bunch of agents in the States - three of them said thanks but no thanks and nada from the rest.

It's a curious trait agents have be they in music, film, television or literature.
Don't you owe it to yourself to at least hear what everyone has got to say. What's the point of being in that business if you just let the next Beatles or J.K. Rowling go? Not that I'm comparing myself to them but both were famously rejected; The Beatles by Decca and JK by 12 publishers.The ultimate is to buy dirt cheap and sell sky high which is only going to happen when you discover someone from off the streets.

Have an outstanding contact in Australia who is a successful author who can directly approach publishers on my behalf. The way I'm heading that looks like the way I'll be going which isn't a problem at all. The only issue if any, would be that I'm here and they're there.

Yakira is good and starting to develop a personality of her own. Had a metapelet come watch her this week for the first time. She went from crying when I left on the first day to crying when the metapelet left on the second day! So that's a good start.

She is crawling more proficiently now and her diet expands every day.

After four months we find out about Mrs Dot Co Dot Il's ankle on Monday.


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