Sunday, May 20, 2007

Power of the Web

Spider-Man 3 has been blowing everything out of the water but it hasn't had any competition for two weeks. That changed on Friday when Shrek-3 was released. This Friday, Pirates of the Caribbean 3 comes out by which time you should already be able to buy your Spider-Man DVD's in Thailand.

For those interested in what's going to be released around the corner.
Looking ahead we have:
June 1 - Knocked Up (2007 equivalent of the 40 Year Old Virgin)
June 8 - Ocean's 13
June 15 - Fantastic 4 II
June 22 - Evan Almighty (Sequel to Bruce Almighty)
June 29 - Die Hard IV
July 4 - Transformers
July 13 - Harry Potter V
July 27 - The Simpsons

NB: Have added trailers for all the movies listed to get you into the mood.


Blogger marissa said...

We saw Shrek 3 on Friday- it was really cute!

4:35 PM  

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