Thursday, April 27, 2006

Baby Steps

Yesterday checked out cribs, changing tables and the like.

If you are looking around for some money to invest, go into baby-goods because it is a huge massive industry. You can buy whatever you want for your baby to be and there is so much choice.

Feels quite similar to the selection process you do for the wedding. You know you are going to be left with a hefty bill no matter what and have limited resources so choose the elements you feel are the most important (be it band, venue, flowers, photography, et al) and pay more for them while trying to conserve on the other things.

If the big tummy wasn't enough tangible evidence of what was coming, this was. Actually going out to purchase furniture for your child to be makes it pretty real. Of course with Ayin HaRa and all they, they don't deliver it until the green light comes from the hospital.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

From Down Under to Middle East

Every person who makes Aliyah has a story on how they got here. After all there has to be some reason for leaving the luxury and opulence of the Diaspora for the desert where complaining and whinging is often the national pastime.

I was living in Sydney, Austalia and drifting. Not going anywhere in a hurry. Met a girl here and we clicked. My mindset changed from 'why move there?' to 'why not' and the rest they say in history.

I miss alot about Australia but life here is good. Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but then again where is?

Start Me Up

These days everyone has a blog and if you can't beat them join them - just hope there is some room left for me on the bandwagon.

I live here in Jerusalem with my wife. We are expecting, please God, our first child in August so all in all it is a very exciting time.