Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Independence Day

This is definitely the festive season. Yom Ha'atzmaut today, Lag B'Omer round the corner and both of our birthdays as well. Throw in the Eurovision song contest, French Open, FA Cup final, Champions League final, UEFA Cup final and World Cup and its a great time of the year.

After not the easiest of first tri-mesters we didn't go out much and so now enjoying the ability to do so now. As the Bible says the second is the one where the woman has the ability to do the most.

We are definitely appreciating it while we can so it was nice to go to a couple of parties with Mrs Coil over the National Day. Once two and a half becomes three our ability to go out so freely is gone, especially at night. The evening began with a lovely BBQ in Jerusalem. After that we made the trek to Tel Aviv for the party of the night.

The vibe and pre-match hype for this shindig was pretty big but it wasn't evident when we got there. This was due to us being the first ones there. It didn't take too long though till it got under way and then it really started to bounce. Being married takes away all of the nervous apprehension that I used to associate with parties. Amazing as well, how much more inclined girls are to speak to you when they know you are married as opposed to hitting on them. There were a hell of a lot of people there and as per usual all the singles, especially the girls said there was no one there.

The party fulfilled all the pre-requisites for being successful. People vomiting off the balcony, random hook-ups, a stuffed toilet, some weird and wonderful outfits, some guys trying too hard and some crazy dance moves.

Got back to DCDI HQ at 4.30am and today had a BBQ with the very regal Queen of Katamon herself. Was a nice chilled occasion except for some of the cranky neighbors who couldn't help themselves from being kill-joys.

The BBQ was called for 2pm so you tell me why everyone arrived at 3.15? What happened to the good old days when people turned up when they were meant to? I must have not got the memo.

For a while it looked as though the event may break all the rules of Jerusalem social protocol and not have the B-word (Blog) mentioned at all only for a suprise vistor to change all that.

I didn't know it but the Purple Parrot was there and within a flash was able to identify who I was. As you can imagine from then on end blogs dominated the discussion. PP was also kind enough to fill me in on all of the blog gossip.

As for me, had enough meat in the last 24 hours to suffice till Shabbas.


Blogger tafka PP said...

Ah yes, I too remember the days when nobody mentioned the B-word...

Was nice to meet you both: I'm blogrolling you.

10:38 AM  

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